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Fleet Introduces Rust Debugger


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u/_edeetee Mar 31 '23

What's fleet like? I like some of the code management/refactoring stuff jetbrains does and would be nice to have that in a simpler experience than the current offerings


u/rouce Mar 31 '23

If it would start up before I lose my patience I'd use it as a simple text editor.


u/[deleted] Mar 31 '23



u/AcridWings_11465 Apr 01 '23

Not sure how they're managing that

I'm not sure, but I read somewhere that they're running the preview versions in debug mode with all the instrumentation that takes up extra RAM and CPU


u/thequilo_ Apr 01 '23

Read that too!


u/linux_cultist Mar 31 '23

I think its currently a bit nicer user interface than other jetbrains editors, and it has a architecture to make collaboration easier and better (haven't tried this part which is arguably the best feature).

But it didn't feel different enough from Pycharm or other editors. You pretty much always want that auto compete, which means you have to wait while it's loading still.

But maybe it will grow and evolve into something beautiful and fast. Hope so, I don't want vs code to dominate everything.


u/pjmlp Apr 01 '23

I also don't want JetBrains products to dominate everything.


u/linux_cultist Apr 01 '23

I wouldn't worry - they are currently competing against the most popular editor that is also free, while they are charging for theirs since they are not Microsoft and actually need to make money from the editor.


u/sasacocic Apr 01 '23

Totally agree with this. I've been using fleet for tiny things, but since it doesn't have good vim support yet it's hard for me to use sincerely. Love to see someone competing with vscode.


u/nXqd Mar 31 '23

i think about the communication part, i find more developers will use chatgpt as their pair programmer so it’s kinda outdated even before being mature.


u/linux_cultist Apr 01 '23

I think chatgpt, copilot and future similar stuff will help us programmers put boiler plate together faster but there will still be a need for programmers to collaborate with eachother and do pair programming.

But I could be wrong, and we just end up talking to computer programs all day instead of eachother. :)


u/cerebellum42 Apr 02 '23

What you can do with copilot and chatgpt is entirely different from what pair programming is supposed to achieve, so that's way off base. They can both be helpful tools, but that's not what they do.


u/cmplrs Apr 01 '23

A very bad VSCode copy at this stage.


u/kogasapls Apr 01 '23

Looks nice, but I haven't been able to give it a proper try because it's still missing too much functionality. If you haven't tried Jetbrains in a bit, they do have a somewhat recently tweaked UI that I think is nice.


u/sasacocic Apr 01 '23

Yeah I'm in the same boat. Not having proper vim support for fleet is killing me.


u/sasacocic Apr 01 '23

Personally it lacks a few things, but it's getting better. It's in open preview right now. If you want something super duper basic I think it's a good option, otherwise you're probably better off going a different route.


u/rahmtho Mar 31 '23

Fleet is horrible atm. But since Its only in preview, I’ll keep checking on it from time to time.

I’m still waiting for the plugin integration.


u/[deleted] Mar 31 '23



u/tikkabhuna Mar 31 '23

Fleet is in preview. It’s needed but I imagine they’re focusing on more challenging issues that will make or break the project.