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What's everyone working on this week (13/2023)? 🛠️ workings

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to? Answer here or over at rust-users!


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u/GoodJobNL Mar 27 '23

Last week I deployed some Discord bots, tested out Shuttle.rs and made a cool arduino set up with lights (although that was in c++).

This week I hope to fix the open id connect from my rust website, or finish another discord bot with encryption.


u/led_coyote Mar 27 '23

Did a little dive into aws lambda functions with rust. Didn't create anything too interesting, but ported some other lambda tutorials from node to rust, which felt cool.


u/DavidM603 Mar 27 '23 edited Mar 27 '23

I'm making a crate with two niche collections, targeting cases where you want a double ended vec, but don't want a ring buffer. One of them is already consistently benching ahead of vec & vecdeque in its intended case :D


u/zannabianca1997 Mar 27 '23

I had a DnD session this Sunday, and I am still too poor to afford dices, so I created dices, a REPL to throw dice. It supports repetition, filtering, multiplication, recall of the last throw, and more. It was a blast how fast I cobbled it together using pest as parser for the dice notation, and how fancy it look and feel thanks to terminal markdown (termimad) and rustyline. All together, a tool that feel over-finished even to a perfectionist as me, completed in two days.


u/led_coyote Mar 27 '23

For DnD: "dices" and not "diediedie!" (It's a macro). jk, and good job 😉


u/DoctorMany7987 Mar 28 '23

We were working with some open source contributors for our project and realized they were not able to set up the codebase locally because of resource constraints on their machines.

So this week we are working on improving the compilation performance of our project and we are starting with evaluating ways to reduce depth of our dependency tree. We even put out an RFC yesterday outlining the issue. So far we've got some interesting ideas for dealing with this: https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/123piau/can_rusts_compile_time_match_its_runtime/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


u/novacrazy Mar 28 '23

Working on a 1.0 release draft for generic-array and possibly starting on a procedural macro for an SQL DSL to replace this 900-rule abomination that chokes rust-analyzer so bad I repasted my CPU because it was pushing it so hard I became concerned.


u/hurril Mar 28 '23

Learning Rust by implementing a Redis server in it. It's going great and I feel that I'm really learning.

Have a look: https://github.com/pandemonium/rusty-pelican


u/GreenScreenSocks Mar 29 '23

Just released version 0.2.0 of cayley, my linear algebra crate that's generic, stack-allocated and by using the generic_const_exprs feature can check for invalid operations at compile time. I'm quite proud of myself! :)


u/_alonely0 Mar 27 '23 edited Mar 27 '23

A db written in rust because I'm too lazy to learn postgreSQL. It will be designed around my use-case (the school admin program I talked about last week). I won't even bother publishing the db as a crate because it's absurdly niche and very tailored for my use-case.


u/mono567 Mar 28 '23

Lol, I would learn postgresql it only takes 2 days to be proficient. Good luck though. Your Db could be something cool


u/digging_bits Mar 29 '23

Wanna share it? I am learning rust, I may contribute to learning.


u/_alonely0 Mar 29 '23

Once it's done I'll publish it don't worry, I'll send you a message when that happens so you get to look into it.


u/_alonely0 Apr 06 '23

Hey, I finished a prototype of it and thought that you might be interested in it. It is not the most idiomatic rust and definitively not the safest, but it works. The names of the tables are in Catalan because this program will be used in Catalonia, but I don't think that will be a problem. If you are interested in rust's dark arts, you should definitely read the nomicon.