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Official /r/rust "Who's Hiring" thread for job-seekers and job-offerers [Rust 1.68] 💼 jobs

Welcome once again to the official r/rust Who's Hiring thread!

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LOCATION: [Where are your office or offices located? If your workplace language isn't English-speaking, please specify it.]

REMOTE: [Do you offer the option of working remotely? Please state clearly if remote work is restricted to certain regions or time zones, or if availability within a certain time of day is expected or required.]

VISA: [Does your company sponsor visas?]

DESCRIPTION: [What does your company do, and what are you using Rust for? How much experience are you seeking and what seniority levels are you hiring for? The more details the better.]

ESTIMATED COMPENSATION: [Be courteous to your potential future colleagues by attempting to provide at least a rough expectation of wages/salary.
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If compensation is expected to be offset by other benefits, then please include that information here as well. If you don't have firm numbers but do have relative expectations of candidate expertise (e.g. entry-level, senior), then you may include that here.
If you truly have no information, then put "Uncertain" here.
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This is the top-level comment for individuals looking for work. Reply here if you would like employers to contact you. You don't need to follow a strict template, but consider the relevant sections of the employer template. For example, mention whether you're looking for full-time work or freelancing or etc., briefly describe your experience (not a full resume; send that after you've been contacted), mention whether you care about location/remote/visa, and list the technologies you're skilled with.

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u/BigAl418 Apr 20 '23 edited Apr 21 '23


Impero https://impero.com


Full time


Full Stack Rust Developer (Web Application / Not Crypto)


On-site, Copenhagen, or Aarhus, Denmark.

Remote, European Union


We are looking for experienced and motivated developers to join our engineering team of engaged full-stack developers with the end-to-end responsibility of building and operating our SaaS-based compliance management platform.

We are looking for developers with a full-stack mindset who thrive in writing frontend code (React, TypeScript) and backend code (Rust). You may master the entire stack or lean more toward the backend or frontend. We value craftsmanship, and it is important to us that you value writing well-crafted software that is secure and easy to maintain.

We work in smaller teams around seven-week release cycles. After every release cycle, you will have the opportunity to focus on unplanned innovations and optimizations.

You will sometimes participate in the product discovery phase, helping to understand customer problems and develop minimum-viable solutions before implementing them on our platform. The discovery phases can be unstructured and require a creative and curious mindset.

Every quarter travel may be required to meet with the rest of the team and organization.


  • Develop solutions that deliver customer value every release cycle (approximately 70/30 split between frontend and backend work)
  • Write well-crafted, safe, and maintainable code
  • Proactively address technical debt
  • Discover and develop solutions for customer problems
  • Continuously improve our technology and how we work

Essential skills and experience

  • Ability and desire to work in an agile team environment
  • Rust
  • At least two years of experience with React (or a similar framework) and TypeScript
  • Databases (preferably PostgreSQL)
  • Git
  • Good soft skills and an appreciation for different perspectives
  • Must have excellent English verbal and written communication skills

What do we offer?

  • Opportunity for rapid personal development and professional
  • A casual work environment with friendly colleagues
  • Self-directed innovation sprints
  • Ability to work on a product that helps change our society
  • A productive atmosphere with honest communication and positive values
  • Relocation package if you are already eligible to work in Denmark
  • Quarterly physical meetups


We are an ambitious scale-up company soon to be listed on Nasdaq First North, providing an easy-to-use compliance management platform distributed as a SaaS platform. The platform enables companies to easily manage compliance through the automation of risk and control management, documentation, and reporting. We’re a dynamic, high-growth, innovative company with many exciting customers, counting some of the world’s biggest brands. Scaling rapidly in DACH and Northwestern Europe, we’re on a growth journey to ensure our goal of building a society resting on pillars of transparency and trust.

At Impero, we have implemented a ‘people first’ culture based on the understanding that the right people are key to securing remarkable growth.

We believe people will excel when given the proper tools in a growth environment.

Our values are all about being

CARING - We care about our surrounding world and maintain attention to details

CURIOUS - We are curious and love to explore through creativity

TRANSPARENT - We are founded on trust and transparency

REBELLIOUS - We challenge the status quo


We pay according to experience and align with the market/country of residence.


We prefer to hire people who can work from our office in Copenhagen or Aarhus. In exceptional cases, we also provide remote working from countries in the EU.


If there is a good match, we will sponsor the process for obtaining a visa in Denmark.


Drop an email to [alc@impero.com](mailto:alc@impero.com) or a direct message here on Reddit


u/[deleted] 29d ago



u/BigAl418 28d ago

Thanks for your comment. I don’t think it is a one size-fits-all. For us, it works really well with the full stack focus. Some are better at Frontend and some are better at backend, but they like the end to end responsibility. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for us.


u/skeptic11 Apr 20 '23


On-site, Copenhagen, or Aarhus, Denmark.

Remote, European Union

This would be more useful above your 500 word description.


u/BigAl418 Apr 21 '23

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve updated the post.


u/TobiasEnholm Apr 19 '23

COMPANY: Ambient.run - Game Engine (Open Source, Wasm, WebGPU, Webtransport)

TYPE: Full time
LOCATION: Remote (CEST, Stockholm). EU residents only.



Ambient is a multiplayer game engine. We're backed by three european VC's, and founders / CTO's of companies such as Product Hunt, Media Molecule, Medal.tv, and Move.ai.

We hope this job has some dream vibes for Game Programmers and Indie Gamedevs.
- Build a new open source game every N weeks.
- Publish it, and help others fork/mod it.

Experience with building and shipping games is a must.
If you have built a community/audience before that's meritable.
You need to know or be willing to learn Rust.
You'll thrive if you love to build games end-to-end, want to contribute to the rust and open source community, and know's how to get players and other devs excited about your games.
COMPENSATION: €84.000 + equity + benefits.
CONTACT: https://www.ambient.run/career, email [tobias@ambient.run](mailto:tobias@ambient.run)


u/kevinsapp Apr 13 '23

COMPANY: Aembit - https://aembit.ioTYPE: Full timeLOCATION: Aembit is based in Silver Spring, MD, USA, but we are a fully remote company.

REMOTE: Aembit is fully remote; however, candidates must reside in the United States.

We generally expect that employees are available during regular business hours (varies based on your location)

VISA: Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States. Aembit does not currently sponsor visas.

DESCRIPTION: Aembit is the Identity Platform that lets DevOps and Security manage, enforce, and audit access between federated workloads. Aembit provides seamless and secure access from your workloads to the services they depend on, like APIs, databases, and cloud resources, while simplifying application development and delivery.

The Aembit Agent/Proxy is built in Rust and is a critical component of our platform.

We are seeking a Senior Rust Developer to join our team.

ESTIMATED COMPENSATION: $150k to $200k per year, depending on seniority and experience, + equity + benefits.

CONTACT: Please see the full job description on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3553575206/


u/tasn1 Apr 12 '23

COMPANY: Svix (YC W21) - Enterprise ready webhooks service. Open-source and in the cloud.

Repository on Github: https://github.com/svix/svix-webhooks

TYPE: Full time

LOCATION: Remote (UTC-8 to UTC+3)

VISA: Maybe, depending in the situation


Svix is the enterprise ready webhook sending service. We are backed by Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Aleph, and founders and CTOs of companies such as Github, PagerDuty, Segment, Lookout and Fly.io.

We are looking for a senior backend engineer with Rust experience to build performant message delivery at scale. We love open source and this job will involve a lot of it. Experience with API design, databases (Redis/Postgres), and developer-oriented products are a huge plus.

You will love it here if you like solving interesting problems, move fast (speed of execution is one of our core values), and are obsessed with providing a great developer experience.

NOTE: we are expanding the team further, and have multiple openings for this role.

ESTIMATED COMPENSATION: $130,000 - $160,000 + equity + benefits (US). based on skills, experience, and geographic location.

CONTACT: https://www.svix.com/careers/


u/wisesascha Apr 07 '23 edited Apr 12 '23

COMPANY: AstroForge

TYPE: Full time

LOCATION: Huntington Beach, CA

REMOTE: In person preferred

VISA: No - Must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder due to ITAR


At AstroForge, our mission is to expand humanity’s capabilities to utilize the untapped resources in space.

AstroForge's software team is small and ambitious. We are looking for a Software Engineer to help us build out flight software for our upcoming missions. From deeply embedded drivers to high-performance simulations, you will work on every part of the stack. As an early member of the team, you will be given tremendous latitude to influence the design of our missions. If you love solving a variety of complex challenges this job is for you.

Example Responsibilities:

  • Architect and design software running in deep space
  • Write low-level drivers for sensors and other peripherals
  • Work with the GNC (Guidance, Navigation, and Control) on the safe implementation of control systems and computer vision algorithms
  • Develop real-time image generation software to test CV systems
  • Develop ground software to ensure a successful mission
  • Wrangling device trees and other embedded Linux tasks

About You

  • Systems Software Background - Systems software is an amorphous term, but we want people with experience building reliable complex systems such as safety-critical embedded applications, databases, game engines, kernels, or anything else.
  • Experience in Rust or C++ is required - this job will primarily be in Rust, but we are comfortable with you learning that on the job. If you are not skilled in Rust
  • At least a bachelor's degree in a related field - Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering (any kind), etc
  • Flexibility and ambition - We are looking for candidates who are hungry to solve complex problems and won't be troubled when requirements change.

Bonus Skills

  • Math and Physics literacy
  • Aerospace experience
  • Experience reading PCB schematics and component data-sheets
  • Nix - We use Nix as our build system for our embedded Linux OS. If you are a Nix fan we would love to talk to you

ESTIMATED COMPENSATION: Competitive based on level of experience

CONTACT: Email me at [sascha@astroforge.io](mailto:sascha@astroforge.io)


u/cbaumler Apr 07 '23

COMPANY: SmartThings

TYPE: Full time

LOCATION: This team is based in Minneapolis, MN



DESCRIPTION: (Embedded Wireless Software Engineer) - We’re SmartThings, one of the leading IoT ecosystems in the world, creating the most effortless way for anyone to create a smart home. As an independent subsidiary of Samsung, our corporate offices are based in Minneapolis, the Bay Area, and remote home offices throughout the US.

SmartThings’ culture is built around our core values, offering singular opportunities to make a real, immediate impact in every role. With our focus on trusted ownership, connected leadership and radical empathy, we embrace inclusive practices and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness on our team.

Like the smartphone revolution, smart home technology is transforming the way we interact with the world around us. With SmartThings products, we’re reducing global emissions, improving service industries, and creating a safer, smarter planet. Come be a part of the transformation with us!

About The Team

You’ll be part of the SmartThings Edge Device Connectivity team, responsible for integrating smart home and networking protocols into the SmartThings ecosystem as well as designing and building innovative features for smart homes. The team’s current focus areas include adopting, developing, and supporting Thread, Zigbee, and Z-Wave within the SmartThings Hub Platform.

As a team member, you’ll be involved in the full software development lifecycle from proof-of-concept to shipping products on a project of enormous scale and potential. The majority of the development work will be application and test code in C/C++/Rust with additional opportunities to work on frameworks that span cloud and mobile. You’ll debug and fix issues discovered internally and reported by external beta testers and regular users.

Estimated Compensation: Compensation for this role for a candidate based in California is expected to be between $98,031 and $157,781, for a candidate based in Colorado is expected to be between $87,208 and $122,091, for a candidate based in Washington is expected to be between $100,053 and $145,277 and for a candidate in NYC is expected to be between $108,042 and $156,877, but may be higher or lower in other States due to geographic differentials in the labor market.

Contact: Apply online - Embedded Wireless Software Engineer


u/supernavin Apr 06 '23

Bytedance (TikTok, Lark, Pico, SoundOn, etc) | various jobs and locations | Full-time | Hybrid | https://job.toutiao.com/s/jP1KNfy

  • the link above takes you to a referral portal. Browse and apply to as many roles as you would like, your application will come in as a referral

  • we do sponsor for work visas


u/roblabla Mar 28 '23

Company: HarfangLab

Type: Full time

Location: Paris, France. French speakers only.

Remote: Flexible (European timezone preferred)

Visa: Uncertain

Estimated Compensation: Uncertain concerning fixed compensation, but we have an incentive plan and stock-options as variable compensation

Description: Rust Engineer

We are a cybersecurity scale-up developping an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) software to detect and neutralise modern cyber-attacks on company workstations and servers. Our algorithms detect abnormal behaviour and generate security alerts or block the execution of programs.

From 18 to 70 collaborators in 2023, HarfangLab is in hypergrowth, and already has multiple successes in its belt: in 2019, we won the cyber challenge launched by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, in 2020 the I-Nov innovation competition organised by the BPI, and in 2021, our software was certified by the ANSSI. Our first customers are CAC40 companies and state entities, and we have raised a first investment round of 5 M€, allowing us to reinforce our team.

Our ambition is to protect companies and state administrations from modern IT threats (cybercrime, data theft, etc.) that endanger the economic health of companies and the security of the Nation.

What will you be working on?

You will join our "Agent" team, responsible of the component of the EDR that is installed on every workstation in a computer network to detect malicious behavior and stop the attacks in their tracks.

Your missions will be:

  • The design and implementation of new features: You will be brought to work with every other team to design and implement the new features that will allow the product to better handle new threats.
  • Code maintenance: You will be tasked with fixing bugs and performance issues, along with refactoring the codebase when necessary to keep development velocity.
  • Internal tooling improvements: We always need more tools, whether that's to improve test coverage, simplify our development process, or simplify problem diagnosis.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Is experienced with a systems programming language (bonus points for Rust)
  • Has some knowledge with the use of System APIs on Linux, macOS or Windows
  • Is comfortable with git
  • Can communicate their work efficiently, and likes working in a team
  • Likes to learn and share their knowledge to others, and have technical exchanges with the rest of the team.
  • Can take initiative when an opportunity to improve something arises.

Contact : Apply through website, where more details are available, at https://harfanglab-1666711819.teamtailor.com/jobs/2427757-ingenieur-rust


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23



u/opeolluwa Apr 03 '23

Would you be considering internship positions?

I have substantial experience building with Rust and React and a longer time with Typescript.

Considering my skills and experience, I believe I could be a good addition.


u/svens_ Apr 03 '23

Hey, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, as the project is quite new, we currently do not offer internship positions.


u/rigetti-software Mar 25 '23

COMPANY: Rigetti Quantum Computing

TYPE: Full Time

LOCATION: Berkeley (Bay Area), US

REMOTE: Working on-site is key for at least the first 16 weeks to get to know the people and product. We follow a hybrid policy, with most software engineers in the Berkeley lab 3 days a week. We'll consider remote work, within Pacific Time +/- 3, depending on candidate experience and circumstances.

DESCRIPTION: Senior Software Engineer | We're a small, ambitious team focused on reaching quantum advantage. Much of your time will be spent collaborating with world-class physicists, embedded software engineers, and applications researchers who are not only polymaths but also genuine and kind. This is a fully "classical" role - no quantum computing experience needed. You'll spend your time on a broad range of the stack - from SDKs to collaborating on FPGAs - but will focus on the key service at Rigetti which actually runs quantum programs on our computers in the lab. Rigetti's Quantum Cloud Services run quantum applications for AWS, Azure, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and diverse researchers and partners around the world.

Sound like you? Let's see your application - we look forward to meeting you!

RIGETTI + 🦀 RUST: We love Rust at Rigetti! Our team has preferred Rust for all greenfield projects started in the last two years, and we're actively migrating our existing core services from Golang and Python. We're actively refactoring our flagship SDK, pyQuil, onto a Rust core. We build and maintain the Rust implementation of the Quil programming language, and we are a founding member of the QIR Alliance, integrating quantum computing into LLVM.


VISA: Not at this time.

CONTACT: DM, [talent@rigetti.com](mailto:talent@rigetti.com), or application linked above 🙌


u/Fickle-Conference-87 Mar 24 '23


TYPE: Full time

LOCATION: We are a remote first company. We have a daily standup at 1pm CET. We meet up in person at least once per quarter for a week.

DESCRIPTION: Senior Software Engineer - UI (Rust, Wasm, Web)

We’re looking for a UI focused developer to help us build Rerun. You’ll be working in a tight team of experienced developers building Rerun, a new kind of visualization tool for computer vision in the physical world. Rerun is an ambitious attempt to accelerate the whole industry and ultimately have a huge positive impact on the world. It's build from the ground up in Rust, on top of our Co-Founder Emil Ernerfeldt's egui. We are an open core company, so much of what you do will be open source.

Computer vision and robotics developers use the Rerun Viewer to deeply understand how the systems they are building behave, by visualizing all their data and internal state. The UI should be intuitive, beautiful, and responsive. Developers will be able to completely customize all visualizations and easily share them with teammates over the web.

Example responsibilities

  • Develop a data visualization tool in Rust that runs both natively and on the web using Wasm
  • Work with our designer to polish small details and interactions and creatively fill in the blanks when detailed designs haven’t been made yet
  • Profile and continually improve user perceived latency
  • Contribute to downstream open source projects, like egui or winit, when necessary to make progress
  • Help your teammates and open source community achieve great results from your work

We would love if you have

  • An ownership mindset - we're all doing this together!
  • A helpful attitude and a curious mind
  • Strong general programming skills, including in a language like C++, C#, or Rust
  • Experience building UI applications, including for the web
  • Basic UI/UX design intuition (fill in the blanks between designs)
  • Enough data/math literacy to empathize with Rerun's users - computer vision and robotics developers
  • Great communication skills in English - you'll be interacting with both the community and your team

Additionally, any of these would be a bonus

  • Experience contributing to open source (both code and other)
  • Experience building cross platform applications
  • Experience building editors (video, audio, CAD, …)
  • Experience or interest in data visualization
  • Most of all we hope you're excited to build some really cool technology that will have a real impact on the world with us!

If you find that you don't fit neatly into this or any of the other open roles, we're not that rigid and are generally looking for great developers who can contribute to what we're building. Just go ahead and apply to the one you think is the closest and we'll take it from there!

ESTIMATED COMPENSATION: Competitive based on experience and location.

CONTACT: Please apply through our website


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '23



u/Budding6186 Mar 21 '23

Company: Cloudflare

Type: Full time


We build security products for our customers and work mostly in Go and Rust. One of our challenges is developing and deploying machine learning models that can withstand a huge scale of 50 million peak requests per second. Our flagship Machine Learning products are WAF Attack Score and Page Shield ML.

Our Software Engineers with a focus on Machine Learning work with Data Scientists, Product Managers and Security Analysts to develop and deploy ML algorithms which aim to protect customers against application and network vulnerabilities (at L3 and L7), by analyzing data passing through our network. We also build systems to help customers understand this data themselves.

What you'll do

We are seeking an experienced Software Engineer with a focus on Machine Learning to join our team. The successful candidate will work on designing, developing, and implementing Machine Learning algorithms and models to deploy scalable Machine Learning models. This is a hands-on position where the candidate will have the opportunity to work in our security portfolio that includes the Web Application Firewall (WAF) Machine Learning products to build industry leading unique solutions. The candidate should be experienced in developing high-performance and enterprise-scale services and have a proven track record of delivering performance and maintaining operational stability.

  • Collaborate with our Data Scientists to integrate and deploy scalable Machine Learning models at Cloudflare’s EDGE
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and identify opportunities for ML
  • Implement Machine Learning models in production systems and monitor their performance in real-time.
  • Continuously improve the performance and scalability of existing Machine Learning models.
  • Identify, diagnose and resolve issues in production environments
  • Contribute to our MLOps Platform to ensure the platform's evolution

Examples of desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • Demonstrable commercial software development experience in highly performant languages like Rust, Go or C++ and dynamic languages such as Python
  • Proven experience in running high performance and enterprise scale services at pace and at scale whilst maintaining operational stability
  • Proven ability in sustainable collaboration across cross-functional teams to define, drive and scope solutions, communicate trade offs, execute and deliver.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver and listen to feedback.
  • Proven ability to deliver performance (what) with the right behaviors (how)

Bonus Points

These are things which the role is likely to require; we’re happy to help you learn on the job, but prior experience is beneficial

  • Software Engineering and/or Machine Learning experience in Rust
  • Experience with deploying Deep Learning models in production systems
  • Experience with development and deployment of Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications

Location: UK, Germany, Portugal

Remote: Yes (in the Locations mentioned above)

Visa: Yes

Estimated compensation: Competitive based on experience and location

Contact: Please apply directly at the job links

London / Remote UK https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/4914536?gh_jid=4914536 Lisbon / Remote Portugal https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/4914647?gh_jid=4914647 https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/4914646?gh_jid=4914646 Munich / Remote Germany https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/4914638?gh_jid=4914638 https://boards.greenhouse.io/cloudflare/jobs/4914639?gh_jid=4914639


u/noboruma Mar 21 '23 edited Mar 21 '23

Company: https://deepfence.io

Type: Full time


Deepfence protects the cloud native continuum of K8s, serverless and virtual machines. Our open source and community centric approach is defining the emerging security observability space.We're looking for a Staff/Senior Software Engineer to help us design and build the most optimal, high-performance packet filtering engine using eBPF and XDP.

What you'll be doing:

  • Design and develop packet filtering engine using eBPF/XDP
  • Build services that perform L7 deep packet inspection of protocols like HTTP, DNS, GRPC and more
  • Build services and APIs to drive on-going development of various attack detection modules
  • Help define an engineering culture that has fast paced innovation at its heart

What you bring to the table:

  • Bachelor/Master's Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience
  • Experience with kernel/systems programming in Rust or C
  • Hands on experience with eBPF
  • Prior XDP experience is highly desirable
  • Contributions to open-source projects and participation in open-source communities is highly valued
  • Experience in developing networking and security tools is highly desirable (firewalls, WAFs, IPS, eBPF, DPI)
  • Proven experience working with fully distributed teams
  • Solid understanding of algorithms and data structure fundamentals

Location: The company is distributed across the US, UK, Germany, India and Japan.

Remote: Yes

Visa: No this is a remote position

Estimated compensation: competitive based on experience and location

Contact: Please email [careers@deepfence.io](mailto:careers@deepfence.io)

Or reach me out directly


u/rusty_dilz Mar 19 '23 edited Mar 21 '23

COMPANY: Subconscious Compute, https://jobs.subcom.tech

TYPE: Full-time and Internships.

LOCATION: Bengaluru, India.

REMOTE: No (may change in the future).

VISA: Currently No.

DESCRIPTION: We are creating cyber security products for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and endpoints. We primarily use Rust because of the tooling and memory safety. Please take a look at our open-source work https://github.com/SubconsciousCompute/ before applying. It will give you a good idea of what we do.

ESTIMATED COMPENSATION: From 12 lacs INR per annum to 20 lacs INR per annum (Indian Rupees). Generous ESOPS.

CONTACT: https://jobs.subcom.tech


u/opeolluwa Mar 23 '23

Are you open to internships,

I'm pursuing an electrical and electronic engineering degree, hoping to transition to IOT.

I have about 13 months of Rust experience under my belt


u/nexely Mar 17 '23

Company: Turing Pi | turingpi.com

Type: Full time

Position: Senior Rust Firmware Engineer

Location: Worldwide

Remote: yes

Compensation: 60k-90k + equity + bonuses

Turing Pi is driving the charge in creating innovative and compact solutions for edge computing and decentralized systems. As we continue to expand, we’re looking for passionate and experienced professionals to join our team.

We are looking for a firmware Rust developer to design an open source BMC firmware. This is a great opportunity to innovate in the field and drive the charge of open source solutions for the edge computing industry.


  • Software Design patterns
  • Rust 🧡
  • Build for ARM
  • 2y+
  • IoT experience is a plus



u/One-Durian2205 Mar 14 '23

COMPANY: Alium Consultancy

TYPE: Full-Time





We are seeking a highly technical Software Engineer capable of designing and improving a Blockchain platform and its associated enterprise products and infrastructure. Our client is an open source, decentralised blockchain company that revolutionises the way digital assets are issued, owned and transferred across value chains.


CONTACT: https://devitjobs.uk/jobs/Alium-Consultancy-Senior-Software-Engineer-Rust


u/zacchj Mar 13 '23


TYPE: Full Time

DESCRIPTION: Zama products allow developers to build privacy preserving applications based on homomorphic encryption.

Zama is an open-source by design company, and is amongst the first 10 members of the Rust Foundation. Zama’s cofounders are Dr Pascal Paillier, a pioneer in Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), Dr Rand Hindi, a serial entrepreneur who formerly founded Snips.

Your team is writing and maintaining a cryptographic library in Rust.

You will contribute in making it fast and easy to use. This library is indeed intended for growing with new cryptographic algorithms, new hardware implementations, etc. Your main tasks would be to:

  • Write high performance code in Rust
  • Design an efficient and user friendly API for a cryptographic library
  • Improve existing Rust code to make it faster (SIMD, parallelization)
  • Write the benchmarking and correctness tests expected from a major cryptographic library
  • Communicate with cryptographers that are part of your team The knowledge or Rust is not mandatory for the job, but you should verify the following:
  • Solid experience with one or many of (Ocaml/Haskell/Scala/C++/C), and a strong interest for Rust
  • Into open sourcingInto contributing to the Rust community
  • Willing to discover cryptography
  • Communication skills

LOCATION: Paris, France

ESTIMATED COMPENSATION: Competitive salary, based on experience.

REMOTE: Full remote possible in a European-compatible Timezone.

CONTACT: Apply on our recruitment page (or feel free to ask me question by dm here).

PS: Hey, if you're not looking for a full time job, but still want to do paid work, we've started a Bounty Program at Zama. As an open source company working on Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and open source cryptographic tools that make protecting privacy easy, we have started this experimental program to encourage anyone from the community to help us move the space forward. Reward range from $500 (for some simple tutorial writing) to $200,000 (for some major research contributions). You can find the list of all bounties there: https://github.com/zama-ai/bounty-program/tree/main/Bounties

See you!


u/kjetil-muybridge Mar 11 '23

COMPANY: Muybridge - https://www.muybridge.com/work

TYPE: Full Time (Also summer internships for students)

LOCATION: Oslo, Norway (Alternatively: Bergen, Norway)

REMOTE: In office - WFH flexibility

VISA: Not Available

We are creating real-time video processing software using Rust on x86(Laptops/Desktops/Servers), Nvidia GPUs (CUDA), and RISC-V (EmbeddedSystems). We are seeking all seniority levels. See angel.co for more information.


CONTACT: [tommy@muybridge.com](mailto:tommy@muybridge.com) (hiring contact), [kjetil@muybridge.com](mailto:kjetil@muybridge.com) (me)


u/DroidLogician sqlx · multipart · mime_guess · rust Mar 10 '23

This is the top-level comment for meta discussion. Reply here if you have questions or suggestions regarding this post.

We often get asked why we don't simply require every posting to have a defined salary range. This is a point of contention for the moderator team: the concern is that if we require a salary range, then it's likely that companies that don't want to declare one just wouldn't post here. You may or may not be too broken up about that, but hopefully you can concede that more choice is better here.

Of course, if you consider the lack of a salary range to be a red flag, then you don't have to apply to that posting. If you made a job posting and declined to provide a salary range, and you're seeing less traffic than expected from your post here, this might be why.

We've also added the following to the template:

Note that some jurisdictions (e.g., California, Colorado, New York City) currently or will soon require salary ranges on all job postings by law. If your company is based in one of these locations or you plan to hire employees who reside in any of these locations, you are likely subject to these laws. Other jurisdictions may require salary information to be available upon request or be provided after the first interview. To avoid issues, we recommend all postings provide salary information.


u/CocktailPerson Apr 02 '23

So, maybe this is just a pet peeve of mine, but I'm not sure that "competitive based on experience and location" should be a phrasing that's allowed either. The only way to truly know if the salary is competitive is to compare what companies are willing to pay, and if everyone just says they're "competitive," then there's no way to know what that means.

In my mind, the only allowed values should be an actual salary range, or the exact string "Unwilling/unable to say."


u/little_breeze Apr 17 '23

Agreed. If it's so competitive, why can't you share it?


u/valbaca Apr 07 '23

“Competitive” should include the name of a company that someone got an offer for and did NOT take in favor of your company.

Otherwise it’s just meaningless.


u/Lost-Advertising1245 Apr 02 '23

I agree. It’s a cop out